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Diseña tu Vida y Vive en plenitud

Diseña tu proyecto de VidaDiseña tu proyecto de VidaDiseña tu proyecto de VidaDiseña tu proyecto de VidaLife Design

Live in quality time, direct your life, your actions, your thoughts, goals and dreams … invite you to become aware of your life, are you capable of doing it? to make a clean slate and account New … Here we tell you how to do it!

What’s going on ? Who I am? Where I want to go? I’m getting closer to my goal? What am I doing to fulfill my dreams?

Practice every time that you require it, the elaboration of a road map so that you can reach your goals

IDENTIFY: Learn to self-analyze and manage your life, ask yourself the following questions: Who am I? Where do I find myself Now and where do I want to go? so it is also possible to analyze your personal SWOT: What are your strengths without falling into the ego? your opportunities? your weaknesses? …. with humility and conscience, and threats that prevent you from achieving your goals. Try to get to know you in depth … Explode your strengths! there you will find Success …

WRITE: this action will take you to capture everything that your mind can not store, make a road map in search of a personal balance, in necessary aspects such as: material, spiritual, personal, sentimental … every section of your life are a certain percentage of yourself, so to define objectives and actions in different aspects of your life, will help you design a full life that makes you happy.

VISUALIZE: Think, imagine or dream, as you want to see yourself in the future … plan at times … Each decision generates an action: Example: I decided to be Successful! …. What are you doing to be successful ?, It helps you think in a short time the actions are more effective and so you get used to your own lifestyle, the one you create and the one you enjoy.

ACT: Everything around you Play … Be your own engine, your judge! … contagiate of good values ​​of responsibility, perseverance, effort, discipline … It will help you a lot Celebrate your goals, achievements fulfilled in the established Arrows … You will already feel that there is no better feeling than to meet your measurable and achievable objectives you proposed on a certain date …

Remember that this Project is for you, for you! Do not get carried away by social and family pressures … everything you do Do it because it makes you happy, you are passionate, but also DO WHAT YOUR HEART WANTS YOU TO DO FOR YOURSELF.



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  1. Diana Almeida agosto 16, 2018

    Que lindo quedo el artículo que lindo estilo amamos leerte

    1. teamclaserosa marzo 28, 2019

      Gracias por tus lindas palabras, lo hacemos por ustedes ! 🙂

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