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Hablemos de Anabel Jerez Camino …

Hablemos de Anabel Jerez Camino …

Srta. Gobierno Municipal de Ambato, dignidad asignada en el año 2017… Lcda. Relaciones Públicas y Comunicación, Brand/Events Producer, Modelo, ambateña de nacimiento…
mujer de valor, fuerza y lucha constante, realizó una labor Excepcional antes, durante y después de su reinado en Ambato, sencilla, muy transparente y sobretodo bella por fuera y por dentro nos cuenta más a detalle sobre si misma.

Fué Señorita Gobierno Municipal de Ambato 2017 , pero mañana desde el rincón en el que se encuentre continuará su misión como una ciudadana comprometida a trabajar por el desarrollo de la ciudad y de Nuestro país!

Let’s talk about Anabel Jerez Camino …

Miss Municipal Government of Ambato, dignity assigned in the year 2017 … Lcda. Public Relations and Communication, Brand / Producer of events, Model, ambateña of birth …
woman of courage, strength and constant effort, made an exceptional work before, during and after his reign in Ambato, simple, very transparent and above all beautiful on the outside and inside without more detailed account of itself.

She was Miss Municipal Government of Ambato 2017, but tomorrow from the corner in which she is, she will continue her mission as a citizen committed to work for the development of the city and of our country!


If you had to change something from the beauty pageants … What would you change?

The age limit is very important, I think that at a certain stage of life, he does not think about the responsibility he has when buying a band, I have seen 15-year-old participants at that age. Ani did not think about taking responsibility for a city, he also mentioned that It is important that the deal within a contest is equal, since it considers that the environment can be damaged if there is a different treatment for any of the participants.
The best thing that he could experience the year of his reign was to fulfill everything that was proposed from the beginning, the hugs, the smiles, the affection of the people were the best payment he could receive, he considers that there is no band or car that compare.


#twoICONIC Something else to tell:

– Your fears: You have phobia of insects.
– His 2 anecdotes: He practiced dance and had 2 interesting anecdotes, the first was
– when he was late and imprudently entering and collapsing the logistics,
– her other incident was to meet with a top down when performing an acrobatics, however she realized in time to be covered and that no one see her.
– His 2 frequent lies: I’m close and I’m going, and I thought if I answered.
– Your 2 instagram tips: show how they are, and respect your followers.
– Your 2 favorite things about facebook: Allows you to show the work you do for your city, allows you to communicate.
– His 2 tricks of seduction: to be real and to be happened and spontaneous.
– Your 2 dates you do not like: Christmas and the dates that bring you painful memories.


1. A glass of wine on … the beach
2. A photo with … the family
3. Sleep next to my …
4. Travel to ….. the beach
5. A blouse without …. sleeves
6. Eggs with ….. bacon
7. Cold or hot …. hot
8. Retouching in …. sorry
9. Bottle of … Jerez
10. If you stumble … I get up
11. Fear of … insects
12. You laugh for … for everything haha
13. It bothers you a little … the cold
14. Loose or tied … loose
15. Macarena or the meneaito …. macarena
16. Bandit or electronic ….. bandita
17. A blanket to … be warm
18. Cellular in …. the free moments
19. Room or kitchen …. room
20. Class Rosa …. the most



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